About Dr. Hedgewar

Dr. Keshav Balirampant Hedgewar was born on 1st April 1889 (Varsha Pratipada) in Nagpur. His parents were Shri. Balirampant and Sau. Revati. When he was young, both the parents succumbed to the epidemic of plague. His elder brothers Mahadevpant and Sitarampant ensured that he received a good education.

When he was studying in Neel City High School in Nagpur, he was rusticated for singing "Vande Mataram" in violation of the circular issued by the British government. As a result, he had to pursue his high school studies at the Rashtriya Vidyalaya in Yavatmal and later in Pune. After matriculating, he was sent to Kolkata by his mentor Dr. B. S. Munje in 1910 to pursue medical studies. During the graduation period he was closely associated with revolutionary movement of Indian freedom struggle. After passing the L.M&S Examination from the National Medical College in June 1914, he completed a yearlong apprenticeship and returned to Nagpur in 1915 as a doctor.

Despite lucrative career options and poor financial conditions, Dr Hedgewar chose to be a social entrepreneur. He participated actively in Indian freedom struggle in the contemporary era of Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi. He was an active member of Indian National Congress. After many years of sociopolitical exposure and brainstorming, Dr Hedgewar analyzed the root cause of social unrest. He thought of radical cure and founded Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1925 on the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami. The aim was to organize The Hindus for its national rejuvenation. He was the first RSS chief (Aadya Sarsanghchalak). In a brief life span of 51 years Dr. K. B. Hedgewar had a lasting impression on Indian history. Only in 15 years from its inception, RSS became a nationwide organization.

His relentless efforts served as a lighthouse for the nation; however it led to deterioration of his health in later years of life. He left his mortal remains and started journey of heavenly abode on 21st June 1940 in Nagpur.