Rugna Sewa Sadan

“Shrimati Laxmibai G Wathodkar Smruti Seva Sadan”… a dormitory for the patients and their relatives coming from remote areas in the periphery of Amravati.
One of our well wishers, Wathodkar family donated their ancestral house to Janakalyan Sewa Sanstha for starting a Dormitory for outstation patients. The building was inaugurated on 25th August 2013. The basic aim of Rugna Sewa Sadan was to provide a Staying facility for relatives of patients who were admitted in Dr Hedgewar Hospital & other hospitals in Amravati. Other was to provide Equipments which are useful for patients in low cost for e.g. Wheelchairs, walkers, stretchers etc… {RUGNA-SAHITYA KENDRA}

In our vicinity the population belongs to lower and lower middle socio-economic class, they do not afford to spend a lot of money on their health issues. Also lack of awareness and ignorance toward health issues were the factors which needed interventions. So to provide authentic medical services and at low cost are our main motto. People should get treatment of Modern medicine in emergencies. We know each medical system has its own limitations, to cope up with that we can offer the old methods of healing AYUSH (Homeopathy) and help the people treat without any medical barrier as and when required.

Our target area is Patvipura, Aanand nagar, Kharkadi pura, Gandhi aashram, Saban pura where the lower middle and lower socio economic class lives. Apart from Homeopathy OPD we are conducting

  • ANC clinic for pregnant ladies
  • Physician OPD
  • Patient Aids Supply
  • Monthly Vaccination clinic

We have arranged general camps including medicine, surgery, pediatric, Gynec and Ostetrics, dental, orthopedic checkups. Specific camps were organized for screening of cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Project has two dimensions health as well as social well being. We have organized Aarogya Jagran Navratrautsav, summer camp for children, free yoga classes, garbha sanskar contributing to social health too.