Samvedana Health Care Project Timtala

Timtala village is 25km away from Amravati city; it is the first railway station on the way of Badnera to Nagpur. Timtala railway station is 8km away from Timtala village. By road Timtala on the way of Badnera to Yawatmal road and it is 4km interior from the main route. No permanent medical services are available here, there is one PHC sub-centre including 5 small villages like Timtala, one private doctor use to come in village on and Aasha worker, this village have a same situation like other villages in India. If patients need some immediate help they have to travel 25km away from village to Amravati. They really need a healthcare system at the doorstep. That’s why we decided to start SAMVEDANA healthcare project… but question is why Timtala village only? It’s a birth place of Shri. Eknathji Ramkrishna Ranade. He played pivotal role in erecting Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari. He played very important roles in RSS as sanghpracharak and sarakaryavah (General Secretary). As a tribute to Eknathji; we decided to start health care project at Timtala. SAMVEDNA was launched in Nov 2016. It is planned to cover a cluster of 5 small villages. Out of which we are reaching out to 3 villages [Timtala, Khirsana, Nirsana]. The population of villages ranges from 400 – 1500, where the primary occupation is agriculture. All the 5 villages are planned for intervention, have genuine need for basic medical services.

We have arranged annual health camps since 2014. We provide health services at very low cost. We charge 30 Rs. as a consulting charge and provide medicines required for one week at free of cost. We are training the Aarogya mitra and Aarogya sakhi from each village. With the help of Aasha worker we identify ANC patients and to promote them for institutional delivery. If patients need further treatment, our higher centre Dr. Hedgewar Hospital Amravati is there to take care of them. They provide a treatment at minimal cost (40-50% less than other private hospitals) or if patient do not have capacity to pay; our POOR PATIENT FUND is there to help them.

Samvedna means ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ in short it is “empathy”. We want to bridge the gap of medical services in the village area through using various affordable medical and social tools.