Health is a major aspect in maintaining the quality of life. In this era of Globalization & Westernization, the health sector has been looked upon as one of the business commodity. The patients are considered as “the consumers.” The “Doctors”, who are also being known as “health care professionals”, are being treated as “service providers”. The whole system centers on the issue of revenue generation and profit making. Only those, who can afford this ever increasing cost of health care, will survive! It’s the famous principle of “survival of the fittest”! This has failed the realization of the ‘Health for All’ - dream projected by ‘World Health Organization’.

We belong to a community where we have been praying for the wellbeing of the entire mankind. Since the time unknown, this tradition of “Let All Be Healthy” is there in India. We, being the proud descendents of this glorious tradition, must take up this opportunity to re-establish the same. This is the stimulus behind conception of this project. The institutions of the likes of Vivekanand Hospital, Latur; Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission Khapri, Nagpur, Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalay, Sambhajinagar and Shree Guruji Rugnalay, Nasik; which are standing tall like light houses for other entrepreneurs, inspire confidence to take up this challenge. Such efforts have been made possible by the individuals inspired by the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

A philanthropist trust from Amravati; Janakalyan Seva Sanstha (JSS) has adopted this project as its prodigy. JSS is a eight year old trust in the field of social activity. It has so far to its name many activities which have served the needy and the underprivileged strata of the society: Madhav Netra Pedhi for the blind, Swasthya Sanjivani Prakalp for slum students, lent a helping hand to flood affected people, blood donation camp and ongoing project “Shrimati Laxmibai G Wathodkar Smruti Rugna Seva Sadan”… a dormitory for the patients and their relatives coming from remote areas in the periphery of Amravati.

We wish to take an ambitious step to extend this series of good work in the field of health care in the form of Dr Hedgewar Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (DHIMSR). We embarked upon this challenging voyage on the auspicious occasion of Dhanvantari Jayanti and Dhanatrayodashi 11th November 2012. The public function was conducted on 2nd December 2012. Since its inception, the project is making a steady but sure progress, gaining confidence of the society by delivering quality services.

The project would be developed in a phased manner. Preferably in three phases:


  • A stage of establishment and consolidation.


  • A stage of expansion and relocation.
  • The expansion in terms of provision of more number of specialty health services and also inducting advanced instrumentation and facilities.
  • With increasing turn over and needs it would be necessary to plan a futuristic hospital setup in strategically located site in Amravati city.
  • This would include land survey and acquisition and further implementation of the plans.
  • This stage of expansion would also give an opportunity to setup an outreach program for provision of specialty health care to remote areas in Amravati region viz. Melghat, Dharni etc.


  • A stage of enrichment.
  • A definitive vision and long term planning would be required to escalate the future path.
  • Adding up more specialties with focus shifting towards “super” or “micro” specialization like dedicated multidisciplinary cancer care, Trauma Centre, Day care surgery set up, Infertility, Neonatal care unit, ICCU and so on.